There are two ways to be fooled.  One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

                                                            Soren Kierkegaard (1813 -1855)

About Michael Filighera:

Michael’s history with the financial markets dates back to 1979 on the Pacific Stock Exchange Options trading floor. He has traded in the U.S., U.K. (London Traded Options Market), Netherlands (Amsterdam’s European Options Exchange), and Germany (DTB). He is an internationally published analyst of technical analysis (SeekingAlpha.com, European Traders Daily, Global Market Strategist and GMS Techstreet.com),  covering the major indices, bonds, currencies, and commodities of Europe and the U.S.  Currently, Michael is based in San Francisco and continues to analyze, trade, and research the markets.

The eye of a storm  is at the center where there is calm.  In the midst of the many economic storms currently swirling around the globe making decisions is often swayed by crowd behavior or panic as prices race in both directions. Opportunities present themselves during chaotic,  panic driven times. Opportunities often missed due to all the “noise”.  As a Market Maker on the San Francisco, Amsterdam,  and London options trading floors, Michael studied the psychology both employed and self-employed by the most successful traders.  Most if not all successful traders have the ability to stand within the chaos and pull out opportunities without succumbing to the panic itself.



Our mission at Logical Signals is to present analysis and tools that contribute to being able to step into the panic with calm precision and pull out the opportunities.



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  1. Hi Michael—-Just kind of stumbled into your site, I have been trading in the Ag space for 30 plus years. Would like your thoughts as to whether the tools you use for your markets might apply to mine. Regards—-Clay

    • Hi Clay – the tools I use are applicable to all markets. To clarify that somewhat – the tools, (indicators) I use are adjustable to smooth out entry and stop levels against the violent and sudden swings many ag’s experience. This I believe is due to liquidity which is in many markets supplied by a host of players. In any case, adjusting my indicators smoothes out entry and stop levels which also smoothes out my PNL from being susceptible to large swings due to price choppiness. Which markets do you trade? If you let me know I can be more specific in answering your question.



  2. Found you page again, do you have any updated room charts examples of your trading, also of the auto trader trading, gracias, Robert G

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